Upcoming Events

This page will track events of interest to the kidney health community both on a national level as well as those local to the New England region. Is this page missing an event you want to get the word out about? Email me and let me know.

Special Events

  • IgANF Spark 2020
    WHEN: July 19-20,2020
    WHERE: Nashville Airport Marriot
    This symposium open to all IgAN patients and their families looking for information on the latest developments in the treatment of IgA Nephropathy. This is sponsored by the IgA Nephropathy Foundation of America. They now have an official event page at:
    NOTE: Now a virtual event due to Covid-19.

  • Boston Countdown To A CureNephcure
    WHEN: Saturday September 26, 2020 6:00 PM
    WHERE: Boston Marriot Quincy in Quincy, Ma
    This is the local fundraising gala put on by the good folks at Nephcure New England. The official site is at: https://give.nephcure.org/CountdownBoston
    NOTE: Now a virtual event due to Covid-19.
  • Boston Kidney Walk 2020
    WHEN: October 4, 2020
    WHERE: Northpoint Park, Cambridge, Ma (across from Museum of Science).
    This is the annual fundraising walk organized by NKF New England.

Do you have any recurring events (meetup groups, educational seminars, etc) in your area you would like to announce? Have it added to our page here. You can email me your details(what, when, where, and contact information) at any time.

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