Nephcure Northeast

Connecticut | Delaware | Maine | Massachusetts | New Hampshire
New Jersey | New York | Pennsylvania | Rhode Island | Vermont

Who are we?

We are patients, parents, and caregivers who have been impacted by Nephrotic Syndrome.

Why are we here?

Our goal is to provide peer support, raise awareness, and raise funds for the development of new treatments designed specifically to treat diseases that cause Nephrotic Syndrome.

What is NephCure Kidney International?

NephCure Kidney International is an organization established in 2000 by parents of children with Nephrotic Syndrome. Their efforts helped bring about a sharp increase in clinical research that will soon result in the first ever treatments developed specifically for Nephrotic Syndrome related diseases.

Why NephCure Northeast?

The future of NephCure support lies in our regional communities. We are one of several regional communities with the goal of reaching out to those in need of support. We specifically serve the Northeast region of the United States (the states are listed at the top of this page). Share your journey with other patients in your region!

How Can I Learn More?

To begin, please follow our Facebook links below:

NephCure Northeast: Information Center

Our public Facebook page with more information. Just click Like to follow us!

NephCure Northeast

Our private discussion group on Facebook. Please click Join and we will get you accepted in a timely manner.


Email the NephCure Northeast Regional Leaders:
Jordan Crooms ( and
Elise Warhaftig (

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