The 20th Annual Countdown To A Cure

The moment of truth is fast approaching. After months of buildup and uncertainty, we’re hitting the home stretch and you can feel the excitement and tensison in the air.

That’s right – Nephcure Kidney International’s 20th Annual Countdown To A Cure is nearly upon us!

Join us on Thursday November 12th, 2020 as we celebrate twenty years of Nephcure. This is a time to reflect upon how far we’ve come in those twenty years in advocating for better care for diseases leading to nephrotic syndrome. Twenty years ago there were no treatments being developed that targeted these diseases specifically. Today there are over 20 such treatments in various stages of clinical trials and we could start seeing some of them achieve FDA approval within the next couple years.
This is also a time to remember that there is still a lot of work to be done. As advocates we need to continue to push for better care, more awareness, and further funding to get us to the ultimate goal, a CURE for diseases that lead to nephrotic syndrome and kidney failure.

The original plan for us in the New England chapter of Nephcure was to host a live gala in the Boston area. Like a lot of other fundraising events, those plans had to change as a result of Covid-19 and we’ve adapted by combining with several other regional chapters across the country for a unified event that will be a virtual live stream.

While I’ll miss not being able to interact with other patients and caregivers in person, this is shaping up to be a great event that I’m really excited for! We will be joined by Dr. Martin Pollak, Chief of Renal Division at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center of Boston as the 2020 Medical Honoree. We will also have entertainment on hand with the very funny comedian Sebastion Maniscalco. Trust me when I say, he’s worth the price of admission alone. On top of that there will be an opportunity to meet with other patients and volunteers and to bid on auction items.

To sign up for this event or to simply donate towards this year’s goal please go to the following link:

For those who can’t attend but want to leave a donation, please consider donating to my page at the link below.

Any contributions to the above link will be credited to my New England Champions team, the Esssex County Kidney Kampaign. Ultimately the funds are all going to the same place so which ever link you choose will work. This just helps me to know how much of the funds are coming from my activities.

Remember, any amount helps, especially at this time when funds are more scarce then usual. If you are in a position to contribute, please know that I as well as the rest of us at Nephcure appreciate it greatly. For those who have already donated this year I want ot once again give my heartfelt thanks. You’re moving us forward!

If you have any questions about this event or Nephcure in general please don’t hesitate to reach out to me at

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