I Stay Home For Nephcure. Will You?

Looking for a way to make lives better during these weeks of isolation? Nephcure Kidney International has launched a new campaign #IStayHomeForNephcure. It’s simple to take part and it’s a great way to show support for your fellow patients and loved ones with Nephrotic Syndrome.

The full instructions are listed below but you essentially print out the Nephcure sign and add the name of those you are supporting, take a picture with it, and post it on your social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc) and then if you are able, make a donation at the link provided in the instructions. Then ask your friends and aquaintenances to do the same.

Any amount raised is vital, and while raising funds is obviously crucial, raising awareness is at the top of the list also. It’s hard to gather support for a cause if nobody knows we exist so let’s show the world that we’re here!

Shameless plug, if you just want to donate, you can do so at the link to my post below (on Facebook):

Or you can donate directly to the Essex County Kidney Kampaign, our New England Nephcure Champions team!

The instructions from Nephcure are below. Please consider joining the cause!

DONATE: NephCure.org/COVID19

NephCure Kidney International

Tell us about the precautions your family is taking, the adjustments you’ve made together, and coping mechanisms that are working! Let’s come together and save lives!

Step 1: Print out this sign: https://bit.ly/3c6ra1G
Step 2: Write in who you’re staying home for
Step 3: Snap a photo
Step 4: Post the photo and your story using #IStayHomeForNephCure.
Step 5: Don’t forget to tag us, @NephCure, and 3 other friends in your post!

After you post your photo, we ask you to consider making a donation at NephCure.org/COVID19 if you are in the position to do so. Now more than ever, your donation allows us to continue our work and help provide support to the many people around the world who are impacted by kidney disease and the COVID-19 pandemic.

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