Kidney Transplant Animation

This is a great animation I found on Youtube that details how a kidney transplant is performed. While a lot of the jargon is over my head, it’s fascinating how they pull this off and the care involved. I never thought I’d be so fascinated watching veins get sewn together but it really is amazing how they do this.

It’s not a long video, so it’s a good seven minutes well invested.

Cleaning House

If you are noticing that things look a little different since your last visit it’s not you. While I’m preparing to add some new posts in the coming weeks (stay tuned), I wanted to take some time to clean up a few things and tighten up some of the pages. The biggest change is the rewrite of the About This Site page. In addition I slimmed down the bit-too-wordy Community page(hey, being concise was never my strong point).

I may touch up or even redo my profile page in the near future also. The pages themselves were ok, but I wanted to improve the wording and try to better describe the mission statement of this site.

As always you can contact me in the comments or via email with any questions and suggestions. And stay tuned for additions that are coming soon!