News and Media Roundup: 12/22/2019

A look at some of what is happening in the world of kidney health:

HHS proposed rule expands reimbursement for living kidney donors – 12/20/2019

In keeping with the executive order Advancing American Kidney Health, HHS has released a proposed rule intended to reduce financial barriers to living organ donation by expanding reimbursable expenses for kidney donors...

Hopefully we’ll see the impact from this sooner than later!

Coffee may reduce risk for kidney disease – 12/11/2019

Recently published findings suggest coffee consumption may provide a beneficial effect on kidney function, thereby reducing the risk for developing chronic kidney disease…

It’s too bad this isn’t the case for me. Considering all the gallons of coffee I’ve drank, you’d think I’d have an eGFR of about 1000. But either this isn’t true or it doesn’t help with IgA Nephropathy patients. Either way, I’m still staying loyal to coffee!

Woman Inspired by ‘Steel Magnolias’ Donates a Kidney to Her Pastor, Ends Up Saving 4 People – 12/20/2019

From the time she was in high school Ali Shappell of Gardner, Kansas knew she wanted to be a kidney donor. When the opportunity to give presented itself in real life, Shappell’s donation created what is known as a “transplant chain.”

Shappell’s childhood pastor was in need of a kidney and Shappell was more than willing to donate one of hers.

“Even though you can live on dialysis,” Shappell told WTKR, “that’s not a life.”

But Shappell and her pastor were not compatible.

A reminder that live donation is so critical and even if you are not a match for a loved one, paired-exchanges make it possible for you to get a match for someone whille your donation goes to a stranger. It’s an impressive process that’s saved a lot of lives.

With Help From Jewish Group, Woman Seeks a New Kidney – 12/22/2019

Janet Berkowitz needed a break.

Berkowitz, 61, has long suffered from bipolar disorder, and struggled with suicidal ideation for most of her life. She and her husband, Phil Garber, who died just a few years ago, spent a significant amount of their time together checking in and out of various mental health programs. And just as Berkowitz was beginning a search for a new kidney a few years back, the result of her long-term lithium prescription, Garber became very sick, and her search was put on hold. After she was able to process Garber’s death, Berkowitz was finally mentally prepared to begin the arduous, emotionally taxing search for a new kidney, while continuing on dialysis.

Enter Renewal...

LeBlanc, 21 expected to receive new kidney in January – 12/20/2019

Aaron was his grandparents last December when a medical crisis led to the discovery his kidneys were extremely small, atrophied and full of scarring.

Aaron’s doctor said there was no chance of Aaron’s kidneys recovering and dialysis treatments were begun. Months of appointments and tests followed to determine if Aaron were a candidate for a transplant. A donor had to be found. Now that phase is complete and the LeBlancs await the next steps...

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