The KidneyTalk Podcast

If you haven’t listened to the KidneyTalk podcast, you’re really missing out. It is hosted by Lori Hartwell, who is a CKD patient with a very interesting story in her own right.

She received a kidney transplant at an extremely young age and has gone through a few more over the years, having lived nearly her whole life under the shadow of kidney disease. Besides hosting the podcast she is also the founder and president (yes, I’m reading this from her bio) of the Renal Support Network, a great site with a lot of good information (links are below).

I discovered Lori’s work in my mad dash to find as much information on the web after my diagnosis. The nice thing about the podcast series is that she and her guests (doctors and researches in the field) talk about a lot of current issues and therapies. It also helps that they clock in at just around 30 minutes, so it’s not a huge time investment if you can’t spend a lot of time throughout the day listening to podcasts. They really get to the point.

You may see me posting links to her site from time to time as she covers topics of particular interest.

The link below will take you to her episode on post-transplantation therapies and how they a working to reduce organ rejection:
Breakthroughs in Antibody Desensitization Therapy

Also check out the rest of the RSN website for a wealth of information at

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