A Bears Fan’s Plea For A Kidney

I’ll be honest, as a child growing up in New England, I never did get over the thrashing our Patriots took at the hands of the Chicago Bears in Super Bowl XX. I don’t want to say I’m a bitter person, and after six championships later, you’d think I’d be over it. But no, I’m still sour. They should have let us win.

So on that note, I’ve never associated the Bears with anything positive. But then along comes this guy:

CHICAGO, IL — While most sports fans show off homemade signs in hopes of some face time on television, a Chicago Bears fan from Indiana had a different goal in mind during Sunday’s game at Soldier Field. Marcus Edwards, from Jeffersonville, is in desperate need of a kidney transplant after receiving devastating news on June 1 that he was experiencing acute kidney failure, according to a GoFundMe page created for Edwards by Jessica Jenkins, a fellow fan Edwards and his wife Shantel met in the stands Sunday.

‘I Need A Kidney:’ Indiana Man’s Bears Game Sign Prompts Search – MSN

Well played Mr. Edwards, well played.

Marcus Edwards took full advantage of his trip to a Bears game by flashing a sign with his number and his plea for a kidney donor that soon made it’s way around social media. The news media soon followed.

This is yet another reminder of how those with end stage renal disease are using whatever media tools they have at their disposal to get the word out regarding their need. It also underscores the need of more live donors to help address the scarcity of available organs. Remember when you read about a celebrity with ESRD or someone who’s been fortunate to trend on social media or appear on a billboard, there are thousands of people you will never hear about who are also in desperate need. They won’t all be media savvy, and you’ll probably never know their name, but they’re out there.

Here’s hoping Marcus Edwards finds his donor, and hopefully this will help raise awareness for those who haven’t found their voice.

Interested in being a donor? Learn more at the American Kidney Fund Kidney Donation page.

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